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Trident - Your International Sourcing Supplier

Your International Sourcing Supplier. The Best International Partner for Everything Industrial! We are experts in International Shipping.
Total MRO Sourcing

At Trident Industrial Supply, we understand the complexities of keeping manufacturing plants and oil rigs running. The number of spare parts and equipment required can run into the thousands of SKUs across all product categories including: Electrical, Power Transmission, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Material Handling, Analytical, Hand Tools, Safety, Laboratory, Janitorial, Kitchen Supplies and Appliances and so many more. Trident Supply gives you a multitude of manufacturers and suppliers from which to source all of these products, and we do all the work. This ability to work with so many manufacturers and suppliers will provide you with significant and measurable savings in both time and money.

Freight & Logistics Solutions

When purchasing your parts, machines and appliances on an international basis, you must consider the total logistics’ cost. Not doing so can be devastating. At Trident Industrial Supply we are experts in global freight and logistics. We partner with only the most cost effective and efficient freight partners to ensure that your transportation costs are the lowest possible no matter where you are located. Additionally, our export compliance specialists make certain that all documentation is precisely prepared so your duty and clearance charges are kept to a minimum. Trident Industrial Supply is your logistics’ partner.

Specialized Crating Services

When the equipment purchased from Trident Industrial Supply requires wood crating/packaging to ensure that it arrives to your facility in perfect condition you can rely on us to make sure it is fully compliant with international shipping standards. If it is not, the shipment may be subject to heavy fines, impounded or destroyed. Trident Industrial Supply’s team of packaging experts only utilizes wood packing materials that are ISPM-15 compliant which meet all global shipping standards. Additionally, your crates will be constructed to secure and protect your equipment while reducing the overall shipment weight. All of this careful attention to your shipment’s detail will save you time and money. We can also provide custom and heat treated pallets when needed. Trident consolidates shipments, palletizes shipments and containerizes shipments; whatever is necessary to ensure the finest delivery results.

Our Customer Service is Best in Class

At Trident Supply our philosophy is not that companies do business with companies, but that people do business with people. This is simple enough, but often times ignored in the real world. Since 1983, the Trident Industrial Supply team has focused on servicing our customers as they would want to be serviced. We are passionate about what we do and strive to respond to your needs on a real time basis. We know that you are under pressure….Often you may have more RFQs to process than there is time in the day. By partnering with the Trident Supply team, we ease your workload by providing you with consolidated quotations within hours. Our order fulfillment department is benchmarked by the shortest lead-times, on-time delivery and order accuracy. Anything short of 100% in all three categories is unacceptable to you and to us.

Our Cost Savings are Two-Fold

We achieve total cost savings through leveraging our supplier base that totals over 9,500 companies. We continually work with these partners to ensure that we bring you the absolute lowest direct cost for the items that keep your business running efficiently. Secondly, we consolidate your purchases so that the logistics costs from our warehouse to your plant are at the lowest level possible. This combined model of reducing your direct and indirect costs brings both your department and overall business significant and measureable cost savings. At Trident Supply we utilize our volume purchasing to lower the overall cost of each item for our customers. We operate at a very high level of efficiency enabling us to price our products at very low profit margins. We are never “comfortable,” which makes us 100% focused on delivering your needs and answers on time.

Technology + Passionate People = Amazing Achievement

Trident Industrial Supply’s proprietary software and inventory management technology allows our people to provide our customers with measurable performance achievement and cost savings. Our on-time delivery standard is best in class yielding results near 100%. We provide our customers with regular order status reports, EDI capabilities, and electronic cataloging. Through this marriage of technology and passion Trident Supply delivers the results you expect and more.

100% Order Accuracy

Our goal at Trident Industrial Supply is for 100% of the products that we ship to our customers to be exactly what was specified on their purchase order. In order to achieve this, everything that you place on order with Trident Supply is shipped from the manufacturer to our warehouse where they are unpacked and evaluated to ensure that all of the specifications are correct. They are also checked to make sure that no visible damage was incurred in transit to our warehouse. Finally, they are repacked in quality, export compliant packaging so that they arrive to your facility in perfect condition. This level of care and attention to detail is not common, but at Trident Industrial Supply they are standard operating procedure.